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Easter Trail

Come on an Easter journey with us!

Tewkesbury Churches Together would like to invite you to share Easter with us in a different way this year. Although we as a group of nine Churches can’t all join together for our Good Friday March of Witness or invite you to gather together with us as we normally do for safety reasons, we have created a walking trail where we can at least join together in Spirit as one community with you.

From Palm Sunday, 28th March, and then again from Easter day, 4th April, each of our nine Churches across Tewkesbury have ‘Prayer Stations’ outside of our buildings which make up a lovely walking trail to enjoy individually or as a family. Come and appreciate the outdoor walk as you journey with Jesus in His sacrifice on the cross and then the joy and hope of His resurrection from the dead - or take the opportunity to prayer walk the journey in a deeper way as we look to the hope we have in the sacrifice of Christ as he died and rose again for each and every one of us!

And if you find walking too difficult, the Easter Trail will be online too so you can take that journey with us from the comfort of home.

There’s a children’s competition too! Pick up the code word or letter from each Station in the correct order which will complete the sentence from the Bible and send your entry in to TCTEasterTrail@gmail.com for a great prize.

Each of our nine Churches will be having Easter Services to which you are also invited - either virtual or in person. Take a look at our websites for information on how to join us.

Please be aware of our Government guidelines during this time to keep yourself and others safe.

Link to the FB Event - https://fb.me/e/3DS4focFC

Here are the links to:
Easter Trail Map 
Children's Quiz week 1 
Children's Quiz week 2

Enjoy the trail!