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Community Build

The Community Build Project involves the extension and remodelling of our Church building to meet the needs of our Church family and the wider community.  

This page contains details about the project including a letter from Shane Roche (Church Leader) about this project, an information leaflet and copies of the proposed plans. Please click the links below to see each item.

 Proposed Building Plans:

Community Build Update - February 2021

Thank you to those of you who are supporting the project through Amazon Smile and Give as you live (£50 raised in the last 3 months).

· A thought to consider… Whilst reading 1 Chronicles 22 there seemed to be a parallel with our building project:

- God will be with us. (verses 11 & 16). If it is truly God’s work, then we will never do it alone by our own effort.

- Obey God’s word. Success in God’s work comes from obedience to God’s word.

- Be strong and courageous. (Verses 12-13). It is easy to be swayed by criticism or complaints.

- Now begin the work. (verse 16). It is easy to put off starting something for God. The intentions are there, but we never get round to action. So David ends with a call to get on with the job.

We are getting on with the job, making progress with the detailed design now the initial report from the Mechanical & Electrical consultant has been received. Acoustics and energy are the next on the list. We need your support so please:

· Continue to pray that our God will continue to lead us as we seek to bring the vision for our future building into reality to be used for his glory.

· Consider (if you do not already do so) making a monthly donation to the project. Any sum, however small, would be very welcome as this enables us to budget for future work. (Account Number: 60493360 Sort code 30-98-97).

· Challenge 100. This is an idea for individuals or a family to raise at least £100 - be as innovative as you like within the limitations of the covid-19 regulations – sponsored activities such as marathon, making things in return for a donation – jam cakes, craft items, music etc, offering a service cutting grass, washing cars, gardening, painting, teaching, drawing, sell unwanted goods etc……….Whatever skill God has blessed you with use it to his glory!

The Church is now on the ‘Just Giving’ platform so you can either donate or put your event/activity on there to enable people to donate.  


Make sure you utilise your social media page to spread the word and indirectly spread the gospel by sharing the love of Jesus in everything you do. Many of these will not cost anything other than your time.


· If you believe God is leading you to give financially, please use Bacs (Bank details are: Account No 60493360 (Sort code 30-98-97) or place cash or a cheque made out to ‘Tewkesbury Baptist Church’ through the church letterbox marked ‘Community Build’.

· If you have, or know of anybody who may wish to consider a loan please let David Hobbs know.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask the Project Team: Sally Charlesworth; Matt Green; David Hobbs; Bill O’Leary, John Rathbone, Josh Wilkins.

Church Vision Poem

The church of our future

There once was a church in a small market town,

It was known for its heart and historic renown,

Once known as rebels, heretics and fools,

For having one of the nation’s first baptismal pools

They fought for liberty, fairness and peace,

Fought for the oppressed and freedom of speech.

400 years later, their heart still remains

For the last and the lost, those depressed and in pain

For the rejected and hopeless and those in the dark,

The down and the hurting, those with broken hearts

They open their doors and welcome them in,

No judgement of lifestyle, past mistakes or of sin

Not because their standards are compromised or low,

But because they acknowledge we’ve all got dirt on our robes!

We all need help when we get into trouble,

We all need kindness, most of us double

So that’s who they are and a bit where they’ve been,

Now to the future, the bit that’s unseen

They’ve wrestled and wondered, they’ve thought & they’ve dreamed,

Of what church might look like in far distant scenes

And a vision appeared and captured their minds,

Both exciting and scary at the same time,

Of expanding the boundaries of the walls and the floors

Creating a space with more open doors

Not to simply be bigger in size,

But to create a space where community thrives,

A space where family and friendships are formed,

A home where life, hope and laughter are born

Don’t get me wrong they’re doing it now,

But this vision was bolder and made them think wow!

What if we did church like it used to be done,

When Gods family reached out and loved everyone!

What if we had rooms that locals could use,

Where community groups crossed and shared passions and views

Where choirs could sing and children could dance,

And the disabled and impaired were given a chance

What if the poor were cared for, respected

Given self-worth, no longer dejected

What if we had coffee and food that was homely

And we invited the isolated, vulnerable and lonely

What if we truly valued our young,

And gave them an example of how life could be done,

And gave them the space to fail and fall

Until they know who they are and stand up tall

And what if this happened every day,

Whether in activities or quiet or chatting or play

What if we saw this growth on all fronts

And all of the above was happening at once!

Perhaps this idea is crazy and daring,

But this church is determined, committed and caring

We’ll do of our best to make this world warmer

By starting right here, in our own little corner

And of course the church family will benefit too

With more space for worship, for prayer and breakthrough

But this vision isn’t selfish or self-serving at all,

It’s less about building, but breaking down walls!

We’ll work hard, we’ll keep going, we’ll push and we’ll heave

Because knowing Our God, with Him we’ll succeed

We won’t forget Him in all that we do

Because loving Him first is what keeps us true.

Shane Roche (Church Leader)