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Regular Support

Lama House

The church provides monthly support to the work of LAMA House in the Philippines.

The aim of the mission is to reach out to those whose lives are being destroyed, particularly street-boys, and to give them a chance for a better life, a life knowing Jesus as their friend and Saviour. 

The mission is the work of Lezley and Peter Gomez and their family.  The main function of Lama Ministries is the work at Lama House, which is a residential home for long-term foster care of teenage boys in need. The boys were living on the streets in the cities of Luzon, most were abandoned or had run away from abusive parents.

To find out more visit LAMA Ministries.

Listen to Lesley Gomez speaking about LAMA Ministries when she visited TBC on 11 May.  Session 1  Session 2


Sponsored Child - Husuda

The church sponsors 21 year old Husuda.  She is studying at university in Iringa in Tanzania, East Africa.  She plans to become a secondary school teacher after university

Husuda and her brother and two sisters are orphans following the death of their mother and father.   The church supports Husuda through Village of Hope and Grace.

Visit the Village of Hope and Grace web-site.