Tewkesbury Baptist Church

Loving God, Loving People


Morning Worship (10.30am-12.00)

The service starts at 10.30am with a time (about 30 minutes) for the whole fellowship family to praise and worship together.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and everyone is encouraged to join in.  We often have a special song or talk aimed at the children before they go to their groups.

There are groups available for all the children from 0-18 years old.

After the children and young people have gone to their groups, we normally have a time of worship.  We are very fortunate to have many talented musicians and the worship group (keyboards, drums, guitars and vocals) lead us in contempary worship songs (including some they have written themselves).

The sermon is normally delivered by the Church Leader, member of our Ministry Team or a visiting speaker.  It is always based on a passage of scripture, with the emphasis on what God has to say about our Christian life.

Communion is taken during the latter part of the service on the second Sunday of the month.

The service finishes at 12.00 (or there abouts!) and is followed by the opportunity to share in tea, coffee and biscuits. The children also finish at 12, so be quick before they eat all the goodies!

Evening Worship (6pm-7.30pm)

The evening service is generally less structured and even more relaxed!  There are no children and youth classes, but any youngsters are encouraged to come along. During the evening services there are often opportunities for the fellowship to share what God has been doing in their lives.  The worship group is often smaller in number for the evening service, but the quality of worship is no less.

The First Sunday of each month is a special service with a café style atmosphere, focused on those new to church, who want to find out more about God.  

The second Sunday evening of each month is Times of Refreshing, with prayer and worship.

The third Sunday evening of each month is a 'missions evening', where we explore different aspects of mission work.

The fourth Sunday is called 'Deeper' which is a study based service delving deeper into the Bible.

If there is a fifth Sunday in the month, we join together with the other churches in Tewkesbury in a joint service at one of the churches.  

After the service there is again opportunity to share in refreshments of tea, coffee and biscuits.